By way of a tribute to the long service on the management committee of John and his late wife Maureen we organised afternoon tea for John, his family and friends.

We thought that 26 years uninterrupted service was deserving of more than just afternoon tea and have installed a bench at the north end of the field as a more permanent tribute.  The plaque which we have placed on the bench will ensure that current and future users of the field and hall will be aware of their contribution to the success of the hall.














Welcome I hope that you're all enjoying your afternoon tea.
We organised this afternoon's event for John his family and friends as a small gesture of thanks for the 26 years that he and Maureen spent on the management committee expending time and energy to ensure the success of the village hall.
Whilst on the committee they provided a perfect foil for each other, John's comments and arguments were always carefully thought out and contributed concisely. Maureen on the other hand could sometimes become rather vocal in her enthusiasm either for or against a particular item being discussed
The success of the village hall and healthy bank balance is due in no small measure to the hard work of you, John and Maureen.
A cup of tea a sausage roll and a slab of cake are all very well however it's all a bit transient and restricted to the people in this hall.
We wanted to do something which would be more permanent and to that end we have purchased a bench which is at the far end of the field, you can't miss it it's big and very yellow.
We have also put a plaque on the bench in recognition of the 26 years service which John and Maureen gave to the village hall so that future users of  the hall and field  will be able to enjoy the bench and be aware of the time and energy which John and Maureen contributed to the village hall.
Finally I would like to thank the ladies of the committee and their conscripted helpers for organising the bench the plaque and this afternoon tea.


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